Travel conditions


Please note that you are not booking a specific seat on the bus, you are only booking a seat on that departure and if the bus gets full we will arrange for an extra bus but it may take a minute or two for the bus to arrive. Please be on time for the departure.

You can prebook your ticket but you can also buy it onboard the bus without prebooking.

To book online use the startpage, you pay online price. On our website you can pay with Swish (only Swedish citizens) our through Klarna and their payment methods.

After bookning you will recieve an e-mail confirmation. Contact us if you don't get a confirmation. The booking number you get in the confirmation is valid as a ticket. You scan the QR code onboard the bus when you travel. The passenger have to check that information in the booking is correct and contact us at: if something is incorrect. The passenger is also responsible that we can contact you through the phone number or e-mail in the booking.

You can also buy your ticket inboard the bus at full price, you can pay with most cards, Swish or cash.


To cancel your booking you can click Cancel booking on the top page or e-mail us.

All bookings bought on our website can be cancelled until 24 hours before departure and will be refunded fully automatically. Please note that the refund can take a couple of business days.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before departure no refund will be given.

If the booking is made with SJ, Vy or Samtrafiken you need to contact them for cancellations.


If the date of the return trip is not the same as in the booking you need to inform the driver when boarding.


  • Children 0-6 years (Two children travel free with paying adult)
  • Children 7-19 years
  • Youth 20-25 years
  • Adult 26-64 years
  • Senior 65+ years

The passenger must inform the driver about their age if they want to use the age discount. Discounts can't be given after purschase. Passengers need to show ID if there is doubt about age.


It is allowed to bring pets on the bus free of charge, passengers with allergies are however given priority on the bus. If you want to take your pet on the bus it is necessary that it doesn't cause any discomfort for other passengers. Smaller pets can sit on the seat if it is in a crate or sit on protective cover. Larger pets must be on the floor. Passengers always have seat priority. Passengers with pets must board through the rear door and sit in the aft of the bus.

The driver can reject passengers if rules are not met.


2 luggages can be brought free of charge. if you want to bring skis or a pulka that will count as one luggage. Handluggage can be brought inside the bus. It is the passengers responsibility to tag the luggage with name and address and check when disembaring that you have the correct luggage.

Nikkaluoktaexpressen doesn't take responsibility for valuables or cash stored or left behind on the bus. For safety reasons no luggage can be stored in the aisle or by the doors.

Passengers must not bring dangerous luggage which can explode, is flammable, toxic or corrosive. Fragile luggage should be well packaged.

Nikkaluoktaexpressen doesn't take responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen luggage. We refer to the passengers own insurance. The exception is when Nikkaluoktaexpressen have caused an accident. Passengers have by law the right to compensation for luggage which is damaged due to accidents on the bus. If luggage is lost, please contact Hörvalls Buss on e-mail:


Smaller cargo and bicycles can be brought on Nikkaluoktaexpressen if there is space. Bicycle can be brought free of charge if there is space and it is well packaged so it doesn't damage other passengers luggage.
The driver can reject the bicycle if we believe it can damage other luggage.


The route is normally operated by tourist buses with seatbelts on all seats, toilet, AC and reclinable seats. Seatbelts on every seat have to be used by law. All children need their own seat. It is the adult who have the responsibility of small children and bring their own child seats.


We guarantee that you get a seat on the bus. If the bus is full there will be an extra bus. Delays more than 60 minutes will compensate the passenger with one (1) free single trip for the same route. Delays more than two hours will compensate the passenger with two (2) single trips for the same route. Delays due to weather and traffic out of our control doesn't validate compensation. Compensation for lost work is not compensated. Compensation for taxi or other means of transportation is not compensated. Complaints must be written within fourteen (14) days after travel date to e-mail:


All buses are smoke free, even on the lavatory. It is not allowed to consume alcohol on the bus. It is allowed to bring food, drinks and candy on the bus as long as it doesn't cause discomfort for other passengers.


Sometimes weather, traffic and technical problems can cause delays. This doesn't however validate compensation.


We use Klarna Checkout as payment method. See payment options below.

By clicking "Confirm booking" you agree to Klarnas conditions.

Please note that when booking there will be a credit check made by Klarna.

More information and full conditions about Klarna can be found here:
For more information about your payment, contact Klarnas Kundservice.
You can also see your invoices and the payment status on, under ”My pages”.

Recieve first. Pay later.

Recieve an invoice of your purchase, sent to given e-mail

The invoice have to be payed within 30 days.

When you choose invoice the payment must be payed to Klarna.

Pay direct.

Pay direct with your bank account.

Klarna card payment.

Pay with card.

No card information is stored with us, they are saved with Klarna. Card payments handled by Klarna is PCI-DSS certified.

(For Swedish citizens)
If you choose Swish as payment method, start the app after purchase and confirm the payment. After that you will recieve a confirmation.