It is now possible to book for the period of 29 february - 21 april 2024.

The timetable for the summer will be published in april 2024.


Info about rebookings

Your ticket is valid on all departures 7 days before and 7 days after chosen travel date without rebooking.

Answer to a regular question:

The schedule will not change when it's published.
Unfortunately sometimes Vy Train, SAS or Norwegian change their schedule afterwards when we have already set our schedule according to theirs.

Questions or changes of bookings, e-mail: nikkaexpressen@horvalls.se
Please read "FAQ" to see if your question already has been answered.

Welcome to Nikkaluoktaexpressen

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Take the bus to the adventure!

Take our bus to the end of the road, Nikkaluokta. From there you can easily go to the top of Sweden, Kebnekaise.
Enjoy unforgettable and beautiful nature in our mountain range.

The bus operates every spring, summer and autumn between
Kiruna and Nikkaluokta.

Nikkaluokta Sarri

The adventure begins in Nikkaluokta and here you can have a fika, eat or spend the night etc at Sarri

STF Kebnekaise

The mountain station in the wilderness where you have Sweden's tallest mountain around the corner

Enoks - Láddjujávri

Boattrips on Láddjujávri - Kebnekaise trail, here you have accommodation and restaurant if you need a break on the hike